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Official NFT collections created by SOF Azov

Join our info war and invest in NFT

Chornobayivka NFT:

Chornobayivka NFT is a marketplace created to promote the works of Azov Regiment as well as modern artists and support Ukraine's fight

Our goals are to tell the world about the latest herioc fights of our army, to inform about our victories on cyberfront and to support Ukraine's struggle for freedom in all possible ways.

Chornobayivka NFT marketplace brings our victory closer and promotes modern art.

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Наші NFT:
Про нас
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Our artists

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SOF Azov

Founded in 2022 by veterans of Azov Regiment. Soldiers work in hyperrealism genre and create their NFTs from the photos taken straight from the battlefields.


Yuriy Denysenkov

The artist creates paintings, installations and videos that enlight our fears, memories and the loneliness of a person in this urbanistic society.


Anastasiia Andriukhina

Anastasia creates her works in neoexpressionism and writes portraits. Today the main theme of her works is fear and pain of Ukrainians, which she shows via the eyes and gestures, emphasized by the colors of paintings.


Ivan Mykhailov

Ivan creates easel paintings and book illustrations. Also he is a photographer and cinematography production designer.


Artists wanted

Please join our team of artists who help Ukraine to fight. Contact us via email and we will get back asap.

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Why investing in our NFT?

Support of our army

You support Ukrainian army by purchasing our NFTs

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Price increase

NFT now becomes one of the most popular financial investment instruments.

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International collectors community

By buying our NFTs you join world's most growing progressive community.

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Modern art

By buying our NFTs you become a part of the new virtual world that has no limits.


How to buy our NFTs at Open Sea?

1. You have to create your own MetaMask crypto wallet (+ browser extension)
2. You have to have Ethereum coins on your wallet
3. You have to register your OpenSea account

To register on OpenSea, please just connect your MetaMask to the marketplace.


It will become your OpenSea account.

On the main page of the marketplace, click on the wallet icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and select MetaMask in the opened window.


After creating a wallet, you need to transfer money through a crypto exchange to buy Ethereum.

How to buy NFT

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About the war

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